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“Good SEO is usually just good usability “
I recently read this sentence on a blog – and yeah, it holds a lot of truth!
I have seen websites stuffed with keywords and with lots of sneaky stuff. Besides the fact that most of the attempts to fool google just don’t work any more, you must not forget that your site is for real human beings, not for search engines. Your visitor have to like your site! If they love it, they’ll link to it! Don’t make usability sacrifices for SEO, usability and SEO go hand in hand. Following basic accessibility standards ensures that your site can be crawled and indexed by search engines, but as we know – that isn’t enough. Taking usability principles, such as good page markup, use of headers, titles and information architecture can give you a boost in search visibility.In fact, when it comes down to a lot of the things search engines look for, even off-site, you can relate them to end user needs. Lets take another example:Let’s say there are two sites both with the same keywords and the same number of inlinks, which will rank higher? Chances are good that the page that loads faster will be preferred. Use tools like Yahoo! Yslow or Google Page Speed to check whether you could optimzie the page loading speed.

And last but not least validate your site’s HTML or XHTML. Browsers can render pages with errors and a normal visitor might not even notice anything, perhaps the page loads a little bit slower than others. But for search engine bots some validation errors can cause the bot to “see” only half the page and missing out in the rest of the content.So use the Validator and improve your SEO Usability.

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