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I recently came across what I consider to be an absolutely essential keyword suggestion tool for building a list of keywords. It’s called UberSuggest and this free online tool works with Google’s keyword tool for Adwords.

In a nutshell, UberSuggest takes your keyword phrase and allows you to “drill down” every possible variation of the word so long as it’s recorded in Google’s tool. This keyword tool is perfect for giving webmasters in the early stages of a SEO campaign an easy way to discover all possible keywords around a given phrase.

Not only does it allow you to search the Web for your keyword phrase but it lets you search by News, Shopping, Video and even Recipes. Once you’ve done all the “keyword drilling” you want, just click one button andĀ UberSuggest will select all the keyword phrases on the page which you can cut and paste into a text editor.

Since I discoveredĀ UberSuggest a few days ago, I must’ve used it two dozen times. It’s nothing if not addicting… at least to us as SEO junkies.



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