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Webmasters who want to be successful know of the importance of checking their website’s logs to see what keywords (or keyword phrases, to be more exact) their site’s visitors typed in a search engine to find them. Occasionally, they run across a keyword phrase that leaves them scratching their heads wondering, “What the …?”

As a consultant to the webmaster of a site that sells discount dental coverage, I’m no different than any other webmaster except that I thought I’d share some of the more interesting (or stupid, or asinine, or just plain bizarre) keyword phrases people typed into a search engine and visited my client’s website last month;

MOST FUN: “dental discount plan for dentists who dont accept discount plans”
I’m constantly getting Web visitors looking for either dentists who accept discount plans and/or discount plans that are accepted by their own dentist… but never this! Trust me, though, because on January 28, 2011 a person from Shreveport, Louisiana did just that.

MOST STUPID : “can you get braces without dental coverage”
I almost wish this person had sent me an e-mail with this question so I could have written them back and said, “What do you think orthodontists took as payment before there was orthodontic dental insurance; chickens?”. As a whole, practitioners of the orthodontic-arts usually have more education than even dentist so they’re not stupid enough to turn down private paying patients.

MOST WAIT… WHAT? : “homeopathics for dental pain”
I honestly don’t know what the Web visitor wanted to know here. Were they searching for people blessed with homeopathic abilities (i.e. homeopathics) in favor of dental pain or homeopathic masochists or what? Still trying to figure this one out.

MOST INCOMPLETE : “dentist who can bill you the bill because”
Because… because why? I’m guessing this question has to do with a dental bill but that’s all. Also, if a dentist bills you, is there any other type of correspondence you would expect to find in the mailing piece other than a dental bill?

MOST INTRIGUING : “emergency adult dental without insurance san antonio tx”
Call me a pervert but I think what this person was searching for was a San Antonio, Texas dentist with a XXX-rated dental practice who accepted emergency patients without any health/dental insurance coverage.  I’ve never heard of such a dentist but any do exist, chances are they don’t have too many copies of Jack and Jill magazine in their waiting room!


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