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One quick search on the Internet will reveal a multitude of companies selling Quoizel lamps, chandeliers, mirrors and other types of lighting fixtures. Almost all of these dealers claim to have the lowest prices which, in fact, most of them do because it’s so easy to match a competitor’s price. How then do you know whom to buy a Quoizel product from? The answer is to look a little deeper into who has the best customer service policies.

To this end, we here at The Quoizel Source not only believe we have the best customer service, we know we have it and we can prove it too by going to our website’s Policy Page and compared to one or more of our competitors to see who offers the best customer service.  For instance, here’s a brief list of perks we offer our customers;

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: We will match the price of any competitor’s legitimate price so long as the item in question meets the following criteria;

* The item cannot be on clearance
* The item must be in stock with us
* The advertised price must be from an authorized U.S. retailer
* The price must be published online and includes, tax and S & H
* We must be able to verify the offered price.
* The item must not require freight delivery

YES, IT’S IN STOCK: We have a 99% in stock record. No other Internet-based dealer can match that!

CLOSEOUT/SALE DEPT’: Because we are an authorized Quoizel dealer in good standing, we have access to factory fresh closeout items which you may not find on other web sites. Remember, NEVER purchase Quoizel from a non-authorized dealer or your warrantee rights will be void.

DIFFERENT PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept all major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, even Discover) as well as personal checks and money orders.

EASY ORDERING: We never requires log-on codes or complicated order forms and we’ll advise via email of your order status every step of the way.

LIVE HELP 24 HOURS A DAY: We have live operators available to help our customers 24 hours a day. Just tell them why you are calling and a highly trained customer service representative will get right back to you during standard business hours.

FREE SHIPPING: There is no extra time when we ship via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or common carrier ground service so long as it’s to the 48 contiguous US states.

NO SALES TAX: We will not collect sales tax on any sale except those shipped to a New Jersey address. Why New Jersey? Because it’s where we operate out of.

LIFETIME ELECTRICAL WARRANTY: We back up our products with an electrical warranty stating that we will assist our customer awith any electrical problem.

PROMPT REFUNDS: If our return policy is adhered to, the customer’s refund will be processed with 10 days of the authorized return to our warehouse.

FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS: Our founder’s family has owned lighting fixture and furniture stores since the 1950’s and was even a personal friend of the founder of the Quoizel Company.

If you’re interested in the simple yet stylish accent a quiet lamp or lighting fixture (for the desk, table, floor, ceiling, wall, outside patio, etc.) will add to your home, your best choice is The Quoizel Source. Get our shopping website combines large selection, low prices and –above all– outstanding customer service policies so you can have the confidence that any purchasing decision you make with us will be worth your effort.


Even if you’re lucky enough to have dental insurance, orthodontic braces are becoming harder to afford as average prices for braces have risen even during the past two years when the economy has been in shambles. Even with insurance coverage, you’d still responsible for 50% or more of the cost of braces. Should you be one of 100 million Americans without any dental insurance coverage and are looking to get braces, don’t expect to get a break by going to a dental school or clinic to save money as they don’t do braces because they are considered “cosmetic” in nature and therefore medically unnecessary.

So what do you do if you can’t afford the high cost of orthodontic braces and don’t have dental insurance (or do have insurance but it doesn’t cover braces)? Join the club; the discount dental plan/club. These dental savings clubs offer members at-the-point-of-purchase discounts on braces –for children, adolescents and adults– of anywhere from 20% to as much as 50% or more depending upon where you live. The closer you live to a population center, the higher your discounts will be due to increased competition among orthodontists in those areas, at least according to an article with tips on these types of discount plans.

One such discount dental plan/club I am a member of that literally saved me thousands of dollars on orthodontic work is called Aetna Dental Access which I purchased several years ago.  I only pay something like $140 per year for the plan and it provides discounts on not only orthodontic but regular dental care for myself and my family. I highly recommend it.

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