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I came across an interesting website last month containing several articles of interest to the ‘Frugal Home Business Owner’ on the lookout for new ways to cut costs around the office.  Actually, the entire website is devoted to tips on frugal living but there is one subsection called Frugal in Business which I highly recommend as I found a half a dozen tips I plan to implement in my own business.

Highly Recommended
Two articles I found interesting in particular were “How Long Do I Really Need To Keep This?” and “The New Shopping Model: Different For Vendors, Different for Consumers” which I gathered several interesting ideas from. Other articles I’ve read were “Setting Up Your Home Office on a Shoestring Budget”, “Yes! Throw Away Your Business Cards”, and “Starting a New Business in a Very Small Town”.

Staying Competitive
In order to stay competitive in business –especially in this economy– you need to constantly implement new ways of getting more done with less or you won’t be in business very long.  A great way to do this is to keep up not only with changes in your particular industry but with changes affecting every aspect of our lives and reading one of more of these articles will help you and becoming the best frugal home business owner you can be.


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