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Without a doubt, “Twittering” has become an extremely popular activity among the under-30 crowd and increasingly in the over-30 crowd as well. is one of the highest traffic websites around and it would be to any small business owners advantage to realize potential for using this social media technology to get more traffic to their business Web site and ultimately increased sales.

Knowing how to use Twitter to benefit your business can result in some significant marketing benefits, because both and are now incorporating Tweets into their search engine results via the “Real-Time” search option so that searchers can get real-time information on a hot topic (such as a breaking news event).

In order for your business to make the most of searchers using the “Real-Time” search option, there are a few simple Search Engine Marketing (SEM) rules you should remember to follow when Tweeting about your business to increase the chances that your Tweets show up in the search engines;

  1. Because the first 42 characters of your Tweet is what Google use is to index your Tweet in its database, make texture sure to use these characters wisely.  For instance, use abbreviations whenever possible such as “&” instead of “and”.
  2. Include your most important keywords in your Tweets if at all possible, being careful not to sound too spammy. Always follow the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) in mind went composing business-related Tweets.
  3. Encourage your followers to Retweet your messages by limiting your Tweets to no more than 120 characters so as to save room for the “RT @ username” that is added when someone Retweets your messages to their followers.
  4. Do your best to increase your Twitter account’s “Usage” (i.e. number of new visitors to your account, referring sites, page views, time spent on the site, etc.) as it’s generally believed that the higher your Usage, better chance your Tweets will rank higher in the search engine results for your keywords.

Remember, having and using a Twitter account for your business will get you more visitors is the search engines but the real value lies in non-SEM benefits.  Links from social media sites like Twitter can improve your business’s overall reputation both in the search engines as well as on the Internet, and this increase presence comes to facilitate branding.


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