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Free Online Calculator Tool Projects Revenue Growth Opportunities From Optimized Site Performance

Although I’ve never worked on a site that was so slow in loading that I felt that it affected the earning potential for that site, I have logged onto some sites that I quickly logged off of due to how long it took for the pages to load.  Who hasn’t.

To that end, I came across a new online tool that which claims to be the first of its kind allowing any webmaster to calculate the financial impact of web page load times.  Designed for both home business and e-commerce professionals online, the Compuware Financial Analysis Support Tool (F.A.S.T. Calculator) helps webmasters calculate how much revenue is at risk from slow web page load times.

Free Tool For Faster Lowering Times
Launched by a company called Gomez -a subsidiary of Compuware Corp.- at the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, the F.A.S.T. Calculator was designed around real users’ Web experience data that correlates Web page load times with page abandonment rates.  Simply by entering some basic data about a company’s online operations–such as conversion rates, monthly visitor tally, average transaction value size and Web page load time–the tool generates a custom report that includes a twelve month projection of how much additional revenue a site could potentially capture with performance improvements.  At launch, the tool has built-in economic models for retail, travel and tourism, and media and publishing Web sites, plus a general model for other industries.

Free Publicity For Compuware Corp.
“Consumers expect immediate response regardless of where in the world they might be accessing a site from, what sort of device they are using and whose network(s) they might be on,” said Bob Paul, President and COO, Compuware Corporation.  “Competitors are a second away, so organizations can’t give customers any excuse to click away, as this tool clearly illustrates.”

The underlying data supporting this tool was calculated using page abandonment rate data aggregated across more than 150 Web sites, 34,000 Web pages and over 150 million page views captured between November 10 and December 10, 2009.  The data was collected and analyzed using the Gomez Actual Experience real-user monitoring software.

Free Advice For Faster Loading Times
I can’t tell you how many “disagreements” I’ve had with web designers over the years on the importance (in my opinion) of functionality over aesthetics when it comes designing a website. In fact, I had to sever my SEO-related partnership with one web designer over this issue.

To this end, although I understand the need to make a website look attractive, but if you’re going to do at all sorts of fancy scripts and related applications and slow the loading time of website down, at the very least designed the home page -the first page of visitor sees- so that it loads as fast as possible.  Even if the website’s inner pages have much lower loading times due to all types of scripting, this won’t hurt your visitor retention so bad because the Web visitor is already at your site and therefore more likely to stay there.

Am I wrong? Of course not, but I’ll respectfully listen to anyone who disagrees.



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