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If you’re a home business entrepreneur with a blog, then I’ m guessing you’re probably always looking for the latest tips on ways to get more visitors to your blog.  Enter blog optimization, stage left.

Blog optimization is one of my favorite ways to market a blog because this form of promotion doesn’t cost a dime.

Optimizational Absolutes
I’ve been blogging for over three years now and in that time I’ve discovered several “absolutes” when optimizing your blog so more people will find your blog postings in the search engines. Whether you have a old blog that has racked up hundreds of posts over the years, or if your blog is in its infancy, these tips will help optimize your blog so that it’s “Search Friendly” meaning that your posts will generate small but highly targeted amount of visitors via the search results from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Know Thy Keywords & How/When/Where to Use Them
Optimizing for the search engines is all about keywords; knowing what they are, knowing when to use them, when not to use them and finally where to put them. If you do nothing else, make sure you know what keywords you will be targeting in your blog post. If necessary, use Google’s Keyword Tool to get an idea of what keyword phrase and researchers are using and then make your keyword selection accordingly.

Now that you know what your keywords are, here is where to put them;

  • Use Keywords in your Posts Title
    This is probably the most important place to put your keywords because the search engines use the words of your title more than any other area of your blog’s page when deciding what your post is about. In addition, we humans essentially do the same when scanning through listings containing multiple post headings.
  • Use Keywords in the First & Last Paragraphs
    Placing keywords in your post’s title tell the engines of what you think your post is about; now you need additional examples of keywords to bolster this assertion.  Especially when placed in the first and last paragraph (preferably in the first and last sentences, if possible), the search engine bots take note of those specific words in relation to your entire post.
  • Use Keywords in your Post’s Tags
    I have no inside knowledge that using your keywords in the tags of your post will do anything to make it rank better in the search engines… but it can’t hurt especially if you use derivatives of your keywords (e.g. if your keyword is Home Business, use Home Businesses and/or Home Biz).
  • Use Keywords in your Post’s Images
    Using your keywords in the naming of any pictures or graphics in your blog is also a neat trick; just remember to use hypens between each word if your keyword consists of two or more words.  For instance, instead of “homebusiness.jpg”, name the image “home-business.jpg” because search engines see the phrases “homebusiness” and “home-business” as distinctly different in image names.

Keywords… Keywords… Keywords
While there are certainly other methods of optimizing your blog for the engines, the choice and placement of keywords I consider to be the most essential for having your blog postings found in the search engines.

Once again,  if someone were to ask me what are the three things is they should focus on when optimizing your blog postings, my answer would be;

1. Keywords
2. Keywords
3. Keywords

Have I made my point yet about keywords?



Are you twittering your life away waiting for someone to friend-you while you update your MySpace profile?  Of course you are!  Here’s one of my favorite social media jokes courtesy of Conan O’Brien of The Tonight Show.

“In the year 3000, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to form one super-time-wasting website called YouTwitFace.”

You got to love social media jokes.


Ever had the wonderful experience of a cable attached to your home office’s PC or laptop become unconnected while you were working?  It’s happened to me more times than I can count and I can’t tell you how many extra hours of extra computer time I’ve wasted re-doing a project.

Well, I came across a product today called Cable Drops that will solve this computer-cable-connection-conundrum… that is as soon as I can figure out how to order them as right now they’re only available via a UK-based website.  Exactly how do you convert British pounds into American dollars?

Here’s how described this product after recently voting Cable DropsCoolest Gadget of the Week)”;

“Cable Drops are a very unique and innovative but very simple idea.  If like me you tend to have several cables for different devices hanging around your desk you will find they drop down the back and you lose them.  Cable Drops will solve this and will hold your wires and cables in place so you won’t have to scramble on the floor to find them each time you need to charge your phone or iPod.”


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